Enjoy Midnight Shopping at Lulu in Thiruvananthapuram

On July 6th, the LuLu International mall introduced a ‘midnight shopping model’ at its central property in Thiruvanthapuram on a trial basis. The main intention is to encourage midnight shopping so as to ensure that the public can experience nightlife with less traffic. This would also let people purchase their daily needs in a more peaceful atmosphere.

The proposal is to extend the operating hours of select outlets in the mall till 12 am every day. This is a trial for now and, if successful, could be continued indefinitely. The move is being seen as an attempt to beat the traffic congestion that is common in Indian cities and make life more convenient for working people who have unconventional work hours.

Nighttime shopping comes with many benefits – it helps ease peak-hour traffic congestion, gives an opportunity for working people to shop at their convenience, and also leads to increased footfall and revenue for businesses.

The authority hopes this trial run is successful so that Thiruvananthapuram can join the league of metropolitan cities that never sleep!

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