Quirky New Tech Innovation In Bangalore Food

Recently, a Twitter user shared what appears to be a rather clever “tech innovation” involving samosas being sold in the tech capital of India, Bangalore. Shobhit Bakliwal shared a snapshot of samosas with the words ‘aloo’ and ‘noodles’ etched on them.

In the now-viral picture, three samosas were seen served in a box with unique identifying marks. Shobhit had ordered the snack from Samosa Party, an eatery offering a variety of samosas.

Shobhit’s social media followers were intrigued when he posted a picture of “real food ‘tech’ innovation in Bangalore.” Over 2,500 people have liked the tweet, and Shobhit has received many responses from internet users.

The story quickly amassed a ton of reactions on social media. People responded to Shobhit’s tweet praising the innovative idea. While some said that this is a “brilliant” marketing strategy, others hailed it as a “foodie innovation.”

A lot of netizens also took to Twitter to share their own experiences of similar situations. Some said that they have had noodles inside their fried chicken and even found hairs in burgers served at fast-food chains.

It is not pretty much evident now how the incident happened or if Samosa Party is responsible for it. However, it seems like the eatery has come up with an explanation for the oddity.

This new “tech innovation” has caught the attention of social media users all over the world. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!


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