The Cult Redefines Care, Cultivation, and Adoration

The word “cult” first appears in the English language in 1617. It is derived from the French word culte, which means “worship,” and the Latin word cultus, which means “care, cultivation, adoration.” Since 1829, the definition “devotion to a person or object” has been in use. A cult leader is a charismatic someone who instills a sense of belonging and affection in their followers. It’s frequently asserted that cult leaders employ brainwashing strategies to entice and maintain adherents. Cult members frequently have a strong sense of loyalty to and admiration for their leader.

So, when The Cult was launched last month on 20th September at Globsyn Building, Sector V, Salt Lake City, both the co-owners @Sanjay Yadav and @Manoj Rathi were very careful not to miss out on the essence of the term and inculcate the “brainwashing tactics” through their #care, #aesthetics and #worship (read love for customers) like the true cult leaders to attract their followers. “In order to create a closed-off community, we want to promote the idea of a “cult” or other group of individuals who share a same outlook. The interior design and aesthetic flourishes give the space personality and a sense of independence. We have a space for the Free Cult, the Sports Cult, the Music Cult, and the Movie Cult here. People can opt for any wing they like,” quips Sanjay Yadav, one of the co-owners, The Cult.

The Bikers Cafe on Elgin Road, of which The Cult is an extension of, comes to mind right away when you see a white bike parked at the door. It implies a sense of freedom as well as free-flowing fun. And the creative cowboy figurines at every nook contribute to the “cult atmosphere.”

The menu is divided into five sections, which they term as “self-healing food”: vegan, vegetarian, wellness, bar comfort food, and experience cuisine. Their sugar-free mocktails and cocktails stand out since they are made with only fruits and vegetables and no artificial ingredient.

You won’t have to sacrifice flavor, though, because they provide a wide selection of delectable dishes for all meals, including breakfast.

Out of the 15 items I’ve tried, following are the ones I would love to recommend.

  1. The Beetroot Falafel and Basil Hummus Platter
  2. Peri Peri Alu Chana Chat
  3. Korean Grilled & Smoked Chicken Skewer
  4. Chicken Thai Basil Dumpling
  5. Grilled Chicken Steak
  6. Steamed Fish
  7. Chicken Steak in ID Sauce


  1. Viper Pilot
  2. Black Panther
  3. MR Turbo Pilot
  4. Ignitor

Meal For Two: Rs 1,500-plus (with alcohol), and Rs 900-plus (without alcohol)

Timings: 8 AM to 12 midnight

So do drop in @thecultkolkata if you want to soak yourself in break free fun on weekends or weeknights.

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