The 16-Year-Old ‘Ecuadorian Michael Jackson’ Went Viral!

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past week, you’ve probably seen the videos of Sebastián Gil, the 16-year-old native of Puebloviejo canton in Ecuador who is gaining popularity due to his striking similarity to and spot-on performance of Michael Jackson.

Sebastián first became interested in MJ’s career when he was just 6 years old and has been honing his skills ever since, much to the delight of his hundreds of thousands of social media followers.

It all began when Sebastián was pushed by his classmates to sing at a school event. He decided to perform “Billie Jean” and completely stunned everyone in attendance with not only his physical similarity to MJ but also his vocal resemblance. A video from the performance quickly made its way to TikTok where it racked up over 5 million views and earned Sebastián the nickname “the Ecuadorian Michael Jackson.”

Since Sebastian made himself known on social media, he’s been overwhelmed with positive messages and comments from people all over the world. On TikTok alone, he has over 700,000 followers and counting!

His newfound fame has even motivated him to pursue music professionally. In an interview with the Ecuadorian newspaper El Universo, Sebastián shared that he hopes to one day perform on stage with some of MJ’s backup dancers.

Sebastián Gil’s story is one that is sure to inspire anyone who has ever pursued a dream.

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