Windsor Castle Is Reopened! Visitors Are Welcome

Windsor Castle is considered the official residence of the British royal family. Located in the Berkshire countryside, about 20 miles west of London, the castle has been inhabited by royal families for more than 900 years.

It was established in the eleventh century by William the Conqueror, and forty kings have resided there since then. After the Queen’s death on September 8, it was shut down along with other royal residences as a gesture of respect.

Queen Elizabeth has spent most of her time at Windsor Castle since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020. On Thursday, 20th October, 2022, at 10 a.m, the castle reopened its doors to guests for the first time since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. The King George VI Memorial Chapel presently houses Queen Elizabeth II Tomb, which is accessible to visitors.

In the King George VI Memorial Chapel, a section of St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, the tomb of Queen Elizabeth will now also be accessible to visitors. The names of the Queen, her father, King George VI, the Queen Mother, and her husband, Prince Philip, are etched on a black ledger stone within the chapel where she was laid to rest after her state burial.

The price for the tickets to visit the castle is already fixed. The price for adults (above 24 years) to buy a ticket to Windsor Castle is £26.50. They have to pay to visit the castle from Sunday to Friday. Those who want to visit Windsor Castle on Saturday are subjected to pay v £28.50. However, the authority has decided that they will not be reopening the Platinum Jubilee display.

Queen Elizabeth spends more time at Windsor because it is her official residence, and she wants to continue living there despite the pandemic. By opening the gates to visitors, she is showing her support for tourism in Berkshire while also providing an opportunity for people to learn more about British royalty.

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