Madame Brasserie Showcases Climate-Friendly Cuisine

Michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx wants to make his “Madame Brasserie” restaurant a showcase for climate-friendly cuisine. These leeks are grown and cooked in their own organic juices and dressed with herbs that are grown in an organic garden within the Paris ring-road, delivered by bicycle. They are a perfect example of the delicious and sustainable food that Chef Marx is cooking up at Madame Brasserie.

One of the most important aspects of climate-friendly cuisine is using ingredients that are local and seasonal. By sourcing ingredients from nearby farms and growers, you can reduce your restaurant’s carbon footprint while supporting the local economy. And, when you use seasonal ingredients that are in peak condition, your dishes will be that much more delicious. That’s why Chef Marx only uses the freshest leeks from nearby farmers in his signature dish.

Another important component of climate-friendly cuisine is reducing energy use in the kitchen. A number of ways can be followed to do this, including using energy-efficient appliances, cooking multiple items at once, and using residual heat for cooking food. For example, Chef Marx cooks the leeks for his dish using residual heat from the ovens used to cook other dishes on the menu. By doing this, he reduces energy use without sacrificing taste or quality.

This initiative taken up by the authority and the chefs will surely make a vital impact on nature in the long run as the energy-efficient procedures followed here for growing and delivering food is something quite exceptional and definitely deserves much appreciation.

Chef Thierry Marx is leading the charge when it comes to dressing a greener table. By cooking with local, seasonal ingredients and reducing energy use in his kitchen, he is demonstrating how restaurants can certainly be a part of the much-needed solution when it comes to climate change. Bon appétit! 

Picture Courtesy: Tripadvisor

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