Chatpata Wins the Hearts of the Foodies

Usha Renjaraju has come down to Kolkata from Bangalore to deliver a session on The influence of Artificial Intelligence in Autism at the Google Devfest Kolkata 2022. And as soon as she completes her talk, she smiles at me and asks for my recommendation of a place she can taste the street food in Kolkata.

It was 3 pm on Sunday, the 13th November and I had no better option but to recommend her the 4th edition of “Chatpata,” the Street Food Festival at Acropolis Mall where she can readily enjoy a variety of famous Calcutta Street delicacies spreaded under one umbrella. Sunday was the last day of the 3 day Street Food Festival and Usha seemed to be lucky enough.

Foodies like Usha are rare these days! She roams throughout the country and loves to taste the street food in different cities.

Food Brands including Calcutta delicacies, Hot Lebanese, Buddy bites, Eagle bites, Nalin Chandra Das, Poush Parbon, Roy Pan Stall, R.K Chaat Center and Turkisyano thronged in Acropolis and displayed their mouth-watering dishes to pamper the palates of the visitors.

Some of the signature items include Peyare Kebab and Gondhoraj fish kobiraji , Mutton kebab wrap and honey chicken wings from Hot Lebanese,  and Chicken feast pizza and garlic prawn from the kitchen of Eagle Bites Pizza stole the show.  Calcutta Delicacies, a food start up from Kolkata could lure foodies with Chicken Tandoori Fry and Gandharaj chicken while R K Chat center satisfied the visitors with its quintessential street food items like Dahi Papri Chaat and Dahi Puchka.  Signature Desserts like Gurer Jol Vora Sandesh and Chocholate Sandesh from the house of Nalin Chandra Das & Sons were the talk of the festival with the winter setting in the City of Joy. Turkisyano, with its inimitable style would present Turkey’s special ice cream. Roy Pan Stall could prove why their mango and smoked paan are still the best among people visiting Kolkata from other cities.

Mr. K Vijayan, GM, Acropolis expressed his satisfaction when he said; “Post pandemic people are trying to explore more events. At Acropolis, we have been innovating and organizing varieties of festivals. The street food festival christened as “Chatpata” has been a great success since its inception and this is the fourth year. We hope to satiate our guests with a plethora of choices.”

Usha had her share of fun before flying off her native town on Monday morning. What can be more satisfying as a Calcuttan being born and brought up in this city!

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