600 Hotel Management Students Landed in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup

Numerous graduates and students in hotel management from Calcutta packed their bags and travelled down to Qatar in anticipation of the FIFA World Cup. 600 candidates from the IIHM chain of institutions have already been to Qatar, 200 of them from Kolkata, and more are anticipated. 

They will work at the hotels’ front desks, kitchen, housekeeping, and food and beverage departments. They will work on the service teams in the hospitality boxes at the stadiums or in the kitchen. 

Qatar is hosting the Fifa World Cup, widely regarded as the biggest sporting event ever, from November 20 to December 18. Qatar is the first West Asian country to host the World Cup. Over one million visitors are expected for the quadrennial spectacle, posing a logistical challenge. 

For many of these students, this will be their first time working at such a large-scale event. But with their hard work and dedication, we’re sure they’ll rise to the occasion and make us proud! 

In a country like Qatar, which relies heavily on tourism, it’s vital that businesses provide top-notch customer service. That’s where hospitality management comes in. Hospitality management is the study of handling different kinds of businesses that involve providing services to guests. This includes hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs, and even events like the FIFA World Cup. 

With such a wide range of businesses falling under its purview, it’s no surprise that hospitality management is one of the most sought-after courses among students nowadays. 

A number of hotels and eight venues are preparing to host the tournament. Sanjukta Bose, director of the IIHM network of hotel management institutes, declared that “the demand for employees is considerably greater than the supply.” 

Freshmen and interns are being hired, according to the recruiters. A sub-vendor of the primary recruiter for the Cup organizers granted the recruitment contract to Udani’s firm. He has hired about 400 individuals from Kolkata so far. The flight was scheduled for November 10. 

According to Udani, the typical intern salary is about 1,000 QRT, or about Rs 22,000 per month. Pay for new hires exceed 1,600 QRT (Rs 36,000 a month). This presents a fantastic opportunity not just for them but also for Qatar as they strive to provide world-class customer service during this major event.

Picture Courtesy: IIHM

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