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Ghanim-al-Muftah is considered one of the most well-known and well-established individuals in Qatar today. The FIFA World Cup reached the height of its popularity due to his endless contribution. Ghanim-Al-Mukhtah inaugurated the world’s greatest football tournament in 2022. The game was watched by football fans from all over the world at the Al Bayat Stadium.

Unfortunately, Ghanim-al-Mukhtah was born without legs due to having caudal regression syndrome. Although he lacks the lower half of his body, he is an inspiration to all of Qatar and the Arab region. His fans are widespread in different parts of Arabia.

He is a world-renowned motivational speaker. Thousands of colorless lives have regained their vitality because of his words.

The ultrasound machine picked up on the undeveloped area of Ghanim’s body while he was still in the mother’s womb. The medical professionals advised having a miscarriage. They believed that it was preferable to have him killed while still inside the mother than to have an imperfect child.

The parents of Ghanim could not agree to this choice because abortion is considered the worst crime in Islam. Iman-ul-Abdeli and Muhammad-al-Muftah, the child’s mother and father, instead accepted it as Almighty Allah’s will and gave birth to the “specially abled” child.

We both won’t ever let the child feel the absence of his lower body part, the mother assured the father, saying, “I will be the child’s left leg, and you will be his right leg.”

Ghanim was born on May 5, 2002. He gradually fell victim to societal squalor starting in his early years. He was made fun of everywhere, even at school and on the playground.

However, he was unfazed and persisted in going forward in his own way, regardless of anything. He went with the flow. He once persuaded his friends. He assured them that his body’s flaws were entirely not his fault. He is appreciative of the several organs Allah has given him. Unknowingly, he started giving motivational speeches to persuade his friends and classmates.

Time passed, and one day, one of the most iconic sports in the world is set to be inaugurated by the one who had enough doubts about his existence.

The 20-year-old specially-abled youth from Qatar has reached the world court today as the country’s ambassador of peace. Apart from being a motivational speaker, he is also a poet and a great literary persona appreciated by the entire nation of Arab as well as the whole world.

He introduced himself to the court of the world as the chief representative of the government of Qatar.

Thanks to Ghanim-al-Muftah.

He has repeatedly proved that physical challenge cannot impose any barrier to success if you have the strongest willpower.

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