Devika’s ‘The Mind Game’ Stresses on EQ & Self-love

A girl next door with an unassuming look, bubbling with energy, talks from her heart, down to earth yet dignified and self-estimated…that’s the Author Devika Das for you.

So, when I bumped into her for the first time the other evening to curate a Private Bloggers’ Meet, organised by Ahava Communications and enjoy her ‘Meet n Greet’ event with Rajlakshmi Syam, an acclaimed International Pianist and a fashion designer besides being a social activist, I was a little taken aback since her disposition and countenance do not indicate that she is so much calm, poised and whatever she talks, it comes from her belief and experience.

“The Mind Game” was launched in 2018. And I was caught up in a tete-a-tete on her best-selling title even when the bloggers dispersed this evening. A Bengali by birth, she tried her hand in poetry at 13. From there she went on to do blogging in 2008 and graduated to a published novelist in 2016. “7 Vows of Marriage” was self-published and is still available on Amazon Kindle. Her poetry book titled ‘Reminiscence’ has received critical acclaim and her poems have been published in national dailies. Her latest title ‘The Climate Ninja’, published by Merlinwand is a children’s book and has been well appreciated by parents and children.

‘The Mind Game’ is the most serious one of them, dealing with the most in-depth, intricate ingredients of human emotions, a national bestseller and is now available at bookstores in London. The curve seems to be non-linear. Devika smiles, “I’ve been practicing self-love since 2008. It is not an ego. It is a journey to know yourself. If we cannot love ourselves, how can we love others?” She deals with EQ (Emotional Quotient) of different levels in this book. Sometimes you might confuse her with a professional Psychiatrist. But then you get to know the purpose of coming out with such a title. “We’re not bothered at all to educate ourselves on EQ. One should learn and exercise,” the author says.

Besides writing, she is working as a Content Strategist and Digital Marketing Manager for an IT Company in Hyderabad. Devika pursues her passion in Acting. She performs in theatre in Hyderabad, and has been featured in many short films. On March 27, 2022, she became a part of a World Record in Theatre created by Nishumbita School of Drama. She won the National Award for short films Waterman and The Silent Voice directed by Anshul Sinha.

It’s 8 pm and the December dew is felt on the rooftop. “Acceptance is what we lack in our society. Passion is not encouraged. I’m not ridiculing the education system, but a lot of change is required…”she couldn’t finish her last sentence as a call came in her mobile to interrupt. The car came. She has to leave.

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