Sadio Mane Gives Up Luxury For Transforming His Village Into A City

Liverpool’s superstar footballer, Sadio Mane’s name has been inextricably linked with the success over the past few seasons. There is another side to the Senegalese forward player currently playing for Bayern Munich. He is still strongly connected to his roots. 

He has started contributing to turning his ‘backward’ village into a city. Despite being showered with lasting success, fame, and wealth, he lives a very ordinary life. He was determined to utilize the resources for his country’s welfare and the village people’s betterment. 

He spends a lump-sum amount of his income on the growth of his village. The footballer, who won the Champions League and African Nations Cup, built a hospital, post office, school, and even a petrol station in his village. 

Mane went to Senegal a few days before joining Bayern. He participated in a charity match with former Premier League stars Papiss Cisse and El-Haji Diouf. 

Mane contributed around 4 lakh 55 thousand pounds or about 5 crores 9 lakh taka in Bangladeshi currency for constructing a hospital in 2021. He ensured that the people of approximately 34 villages could receive medical services in the hospital. Mane has also built a secondary school in his village Bambali by spending two and a half lakh pounds or about 2 crores 80 lakh in Bangladeshi currency (Taka). 

He has also initiated the construction of a post office for the benefit of 2 thousand villagers. The former Southampton star invited people with similar mindsets and efficiency to come forward. He was also seen inaugurating a petrol pump in the village. He has also arranged a 4-G internet facility in the village. 

Mane has also arranged a monthly support package worth 70 US dollars for each family in his village. He also distributed 400 US dollars (more than 36 thousand rupees) to the best high school students in that village. Moreover, he inspires and assists the underprivileged young people of Africa to play football who have the urge and passion for exploring their love for sports. 

Before the Champions League final against Real Madrid in 2018, Mane sent 300 Liverpool jerseys to his home village of Bambali in southern Senegal as gifts. There is also a football stadium named after him in Senegal. 

Though he started his job as a local mosque toilet cleaner in Liverpool, he now receives a salary of around 100,000 pounds per week (more than 12 million pounds a year). 

He has proved time and again what it takes to be a GREAT personality. It means assisting the helpless, providing food and shelter for the weak, and arranging equal facilities for the underprivileged!


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