Sagg Eco Village – A Taste of Kashmir’s Pristine Past

In order to advance sustainable tourism as well as the culture and history of the Valley, Fayaz Ahmad Dar, a native of Ganderbal, Kashmir, founded the country’s first and only Sagg Eco village. 

Sagg (Kashmere word for nurture) is an educational, eco-cultural, and recreational farm with camping facilities, events, and retreats, as well as social gatherings, walks, hikes, bike rides, and ecotherapy sessions. 

Spread out over 11 dirt channels, the Sagg reclaims the pure past and heals the polluted present with universal core values for de-stressing the minds of the guests from the hustle and bustle and fast-paced life. 

The objective of setting up Sagg was to give back to nature what all we have taken from her over the years without any thought. It is his sincere endeavor to tread softly on this earth and leave no carbon footprints behind. The village has been designed keeping in mind the principles of Vastu shastra and VaastuPurushmandala. 

All the huts/chalets are made of mud with thatched roofs using locally available material, which keeps them cool in summers and warm in winters. The waste management system is based on the principles of Zero Waste Management, where they produce no waste that goes out of the premises, and whatever little organic waste is generated is used as manure for the organic farms. 

The delicious dishes served to the guests are also made of organically produced ingredients that are readily available in the village itself. Even the cooking takes place in the village as well. All the efforts are directed towards making this place as close to nature & self-sustaining as possible so that our future generations can live in harmony with nature. 

Kashmir is known as Heaven on Earth but unfortunately, over the years, due to conflict & tourism, its ecology has suffered a lot. There are very few patches left that have not been polluted or concrete jungle. 

With increasing awareness, people have now started understanding & valuing eco-tourism & sustainable tourism. Sagg Eco Village is one such initiative that not only lets you experience Kashmir’s pristine past but also offers an opportunity to be a part of its healing process.


Pic Courtesy: Tripadvisor

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