The Bakery Industry Under Severe Threat

The time when the bakery industry of the state is under severe threat, the announcement of price hike for 400 gm bread (Rs.30/-) and 200 gm (Rs.15/-) came in. This will be implemented on and from 1st September, 2023.

Sunday was the last day of ongoing 3 day 20th International Food Tech 2023 at Milan Mela. West Bengal Bakers’ Association held its 23rd Annual Bakers’ Meet in the same venue as a part of this huge International summit. Speaking in the Meet, the Working Committee Chairman of the Association, Ariful Islam said, “just one-third of the total 3000 bakery units of the state is actively connected to the association. And with the price of the raw material is going up rapidly post pandemic, the bakery owners have no other way but to increase the price to survive. “

The industry, in which 4 lakhs families of the state are involved directly or indirectly, is facing challenges with statutory licenses and taxes, like trade license, food license (FSSAI), agricultural product use license, fire license, factory license, godown license, packaging license, professional tax, SSL certificate, delivery van license, garbage license, consent for pollution and lots more. The MSME sectors do not have the resources to meet all these demands at one go. As a result, most of the units are on the verge of closure. The association sincerely appeals to Union Ministry for reviewing, reconsidering and levy minimum percentage of GST to save the ailing bakery industry of the state. They also want single window license system with immediate effect.

Minister Javed Ahmed Khan along with Ex MLA Ahmed Hassan Imran were present in the Meet among other dignitaries.


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